The Last Night Presses Ran at MPG

“Bradford’s” is out in this bound first volume of Braided Brook.  It’s a story I wrote about five years ago that started as a newspaper column, then morphed into this short narrative,  which I reworked and wove into […]

It’s out! War and Peace in la cola preferencial

The Bacopa Literary Review 2016 is out through Amazon, and with it, my story, “War and Peace in la cola preferencial.” This other War and Peace is about my kids, Roberto, and I waiting during […]

Happy National Talk Like a Trucker Day!

Decorative Gourd Season is in full swing in this house as we celebrate National Talk Like a Trucker Day once again. Here’s an oldie but a goodie from last year on this day. Also, to […]

“Home” is Where Your Hot Wheels Are

Immediately after Roberto, the kids, and I moved cross-town in January, Kid Number One was thrown into a month-long tailspin of depression and tantrums. It turned out one mom’s boxy, charmless two-bedroom apartment was one little […]

Sightless in Seattle

My dad is on the road again. Nine years ago today, the two of us were in snowy West Virginia, getting very little shut-eye at a Jane Lew rest area. We were bunking in his Covenant Transport eighteen-wheeler after […]

Music for Toddlers

This is a guest post from “Pierre,” a Dad of two toddler boys who want to rock.  “The drums are pounding, the bass is booming, the guitars are distorted and crunchy and the vocals are […]

Q&A: Shelley Cardoos: New Bedford’s Own SouthCoast Emerging Leader

I have known Shelley for, oh, over two decades. Once upon a time, we assumed esteemed positions as our high school’s Speech and Debate team secretaries. Across North and South Shore Massachusetts, hearts broke within […]

Routine Identity Crisis

This is a guest post from Julie, Mom of an insane toddler who is currently running the asylum. After the birth of our first child, when my eyes were wild with sleep deprivation and I […]

Reading a Book from Every Country

Last night, I read Sorry Not Sorry, an article in The New Yorker about South Korean fiction and “the country’s existential tumult in dark humor.” Beyond my surprise at “the cosmetic surgery craze” (apparently South Korea is the […]

For the Dads: Life’s Shorts

This is a guest post from “Pierre,” a Dad of two toddler boys, who recently learned a life lesson from a major fashion faux pas.  I was born in 1976, so most of my life […]