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War and Peace in la cola preferencial in Bacopa Literary Review 2016

This story puts you in the busy heart of Lima, Peru at the all-important lonche, or 5 p.m. tea time. My family and I stand in a preferential line in a grocery store waiting to buy fresh rolls and a sausage called salchicha de huacho, when suddenly, from behind, a white-haired woman whispers, “Ya metieron la carreta”: “Somebody put the shopping cart in there.” The codified respect of the preferential line tells a fuller, funnier story about Peruvians, something beyond political corruption, poverty, and Incan wonders.

Between the Ditches

In October 2010 (just in time for National Talk Like a Trucker Day on 10-4) I set out in my 1996 Saab 900S to retrace the northern leg of the route my father and I had traveled in his eighteen-wheeler in 2007. This blog chronicles part of that trip.

Bradford’s in Braided Brook and Self Narrate

This is the story of what happened in both Editorial and the press room the last night the presses ran at Memorial Press Group and the loss of a voice in the community.

Still Having Fun After All These Years in Patch

The Priscilla Beach Theater helped launch the careers of stars such as Paul Newman, Al Brooks, and Rob Reiner. This story gives life to the 75th anniversary of the old barn’s theater programs. It recounts the history of the grounds and how the program evolved under the ownership of Geronimo Sands. It also take a look into the future and discuss the needs of the theater to return its programs and the grounds to their former glory.

Hidden Gem: Manomet Center for Conservation Science in Patch

Down a pitted, dirt road that leads to the cliffs of Manomet Bluffs is the Manomet Center for Conservation Science. In this story, I uncover the big work the small non-profit is doing in the areas of climate change, sustainable agriculture, energy, and recovery of the shorebird population.

The Resurrection of Zelli’s Boat in Wicked Local Kingston

This story is about a small boat’s life and a man named Zelli who—even after death—never gave up on revealing her true worth.

Mayflower II’s 54th in Patch

On June 2, 1957, 17-year-old Joe Meany had an arguably unique high school graduation. No “Pomp and Circumstance.” No yawn-punctuated valedictory speech. While his fellow classmates were safely on land in Waltham, he was out bobbing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, aboard the newly constructed, Mayflower II. The crew—thirty-three men from around the globe—held a mock ceremony while the square rig rolled at sea. In 2011, actors performed the graduation with Meany and his wife in attendance.

Full Circle in Patch

In April 2010, nearly 390 years after the first Pilgrim is said to have made contact with New England’s shore, the groundbreaking and now award-winning Native Plymouth Tours was born. Only in its second season, the tour was recently recognized by Yankee Magazine in the May/June 2011 “Travel Guide to New England” with an “Editor’s Choice” award in the “Best of New England” issue. It is the first organized walking tour of Plymouth presented through the eyes and perspective of Native American guides.