Reading a Book from Every Country

Last night, I read Sorry Not Sorry, an article in The New Yorker about South Korean fiction and “the country’s existential tumult in dark humor.”

Beyond my surprise at “the cosmetic surgery craze” (apparently South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world), I felt a longing to expand the geographical limits of my reading repertoire. Sure, I’ve read books from countries that didn’t fight in the Revolutionary War, but the longing I felt was to read a book from every country. 

I popped open Word. I would make a list.

Thankfully for me, someone else already had this multicultural longing! Ann Morgan, a freelance writer and editor in London and author of World Between Two Covers, asked her blog visitors—

what’s hot in Russia, what’s cool in Malawi, and what’s downright smoking in Iceland.

She compiled a list of the globe’s 196 independent countries. She read four books a week for a year and posted a review of each and how she procured each book. You can find the reviews by clicking on each country’s name. I love this! I’m not aiming to read at her pace, but I’m so happy this list is out there and hope to make my way through it.

Are there any books you would add to the list?


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