Sarah Wolfgang is a former journalist who’s left footprints—size 8.5 pre-pregnancy, size 9 post-pregnancy—in her beats in Massachusetts and Florida. She’s also taught English, worked in libraries, and once made serious inquiries into owning an ice cream truck.  As a writer, she continually finds herself drawn to people’s big quests for meaning, and when she had a job in an office, she continually found herself drawn to office party cakes—cake!

In 2007, she quit her job as a reporter and teamed with her Dad for a three-week trip through twenty-one states and roughly 5,400 miles in his big rig. This journey inspired a memoir, a novel, and repeat “research” road trips, complete with a CB radio and truck stop showering. While she feels she deserves a CB handle that evokes ultimate coolness, something like “Mother Trucker” or “Chainsaw’s Cousin,” these days Sarah’s handle would look more like “Butt Wiper” or “Curious George Enabler” as she spends her 9-5 with her kids and her 5-9-sometimes-10 with her husband, Roberto.