The Last Night Presses Ran at MPG

braided-brookBradford’s” is out in this bound first volume of Braided Brook.  It’s a story I wrote about five years ago that started as a newspaper column, then morphed into this short narrative,  which I reworked and wove into my book.

In it, I relive the last night the presses ran at Memorial Press Group, a newspaper company where I worked in Plymouth, Massachusetts that housed the Old Colony Memorial, the oldest weekly paper in New England.

It’s about the silencing of voices as merger after merger across America has gobbled up weeklies and dailies. You can read the story online on BB’s site as well.



2 thoughts on “The Last Night Presses Ran at MPG”

  1. Thank you, Marie. It was a sad time for me. It felt like a force beyond my control was tearing apart my family. Happily, I’m still in contact with many of my reporter friends from then.

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