Getting Sappy for Fall Foliage

Julie, an Ohioan friend of mine who just moved north from Gainesville, Florida to Kentucky, sent me a link to a Time story about buying fall leaves from New England. She understands the importance of seeing leaves die with style, not the straight-to-brown way that G-ville has blessed us with in our time here.

For $19.99, will send you a bundle of three, “color balanced” (one red, one yellow, and one green or mixed color) preserved leaves.

Seems like a lot of green for the red and yellow! (Wow, I’m loving the leaf-related jokes right now.)

Seriously, though, thankfully my usual cold weather nostalgia for home isn’t combined with pregnancy because I’d probably max out my credit card on these things!


Here are some Massachusetts tunes to feel wistful to: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers’ “New England.” James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James.” Bee Gees’ “Massachusetts.” Ylvis’ “Massachusetts.” Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping Up to Boston.” The Standells’ “Dirty Water.” Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

I miss any?

Update: My friend Rick alerted me to Black Prairie’s song “Nowhere, Massachusetts.” 


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