National Talk Like a Trucker Day Redux!

Five years ago today, I was driving from a Fricken Chicken barbeque in Fulton, New York to a travel center in Harborcreek, Pennsylvania, retracing my 2007 big rig state-hop with my dad. I was “performing research” for my book and listening to truckers crap on each others’ theories about Jimmy Hoffa’s whereabouts on Channel 19 on the CB radio in my Saab 900S.

In honor of that, here is a post with trucker gems I heard in an Indianapolis truck stop.

10-4! And catch you on the flip flop!


2 thoughts on “National Talk Like a Trucker Day Redux!”

  1. So glad you alerted us to this national holiday so we could celebrate! Nick spotted a probable Lot Lizard and we thought of you.

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