It’s out! War and Peace in la cola preferencial

Aerial shot of our Metro grocery store in Lima, Peru from the dentist’s office

The Bacopa Literary Review 2016 is out through Amazon, and with it, my story, “War and Peace in la cola preferencial.”

This other War and Peace is about my kids, Roberto, and I waiting during 5 p.m. rush hour in a preferential treatment grocery linea line set aside for elderly shoppers, pregnant women, and those with children.  We’re in Lima, Peru, blocks from where Roberto grew up, waiting to buy fresh rolls and a sausage called salchicha de huacho for lonche, the all-important Peruvian tea time. 

All is going smoothly until… a white-haired woman nudged me from behind with her cart. Moments before, a woman with black hair had muscled her way in from the right to snatch the spot before us.

Ya metieron la carreta,” the elderly woman at our backs whispered, then retreated.

“Somebody put the shopping cart in there.”

The story goes on to show how this preferential treatment, this codified respect, tells a fuller story about Peruviansof course, a humorous story, Peruvians are always funny something beyond political corruption, poverty, and Incan wonders.

Hope you enjoy!



2 thoughts on “It’s out! War and Peace in la cola preferencial”

    1. Thank you so much! BTW, I loved “Canebrake” in last year’s Bacopa. You’re so good at evoking place, and your characters are lovable and authentic. Hope my story is five minutes or under — haven’t timed it yet!

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